About Sheila Esparza, APRN

Nurse Practitioner in Houston

Sheila Esparza, APRN

Sheila Esparza, APRN, is an esteemed, advanced nurse practitioner serving the Core Primary Care communities in Sugar Land and Houston, Texas. Sheila’s patient-focused expertise puts the patient first to address any concern and implement an appropriate medical intervention while ensuring comfort.

Sheila started her nursing journey with an associate degree from Houston Community College. She gained essential hands-on experience as a youth care worker helping adolescent populations with mental health and maintaining prescribed routines, such as physical therapy and medications.

Sheila earned a bachelor’s in nursing from Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. During this time, Sheila continued to hone her nursing skills and worked as a registered and clinical nurse for various Houston hospital systems, such as the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.

Returning to higher education, Shiela received a master’s degree from Chamberlain University in Cypress, Texas, to become a family nurse practitioner. She continues to care for in-need populations by performing thorough visual exams, educating patients on their health, and minimizing the risk of future potential complications.

In addition to treating several illnesses and injuries, Sheila offers annual physicals, prescription refills, and contraception advice. Sheila brings her passion and experience to Core Primary Care to uplift the Houston and Sugar Land, Texas communities. She is also fluent in Spanish and maintains her BLS and ACLS certifications.

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