About Alejandro Mora, MD

Physician in Houston

Alejandro Mora, MD

Alejandro Mora, MD, is a skilled and passionate Physician at Core Primary Care. Dr. Mora provides individualized care to all patients from two offices in Sugar Land and Houston, Texas.

He grew up in Sugar Land before attending Rice University in Houston for undergraduate studies in Kinesiology and attaining his MD at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) in Galveston. He then moved to the University of Colorado in Denver, where he attended a residency in Internal Medicine with an emphasis in Primary Care.

Dr. Mora has felt firsthand the lack of personalization in health care and hates how confusing, frustrating, and demoralizing our health system can be. He believes that his patients can reduce or eliminate the need for costly prescription medications with proper education, guidance, and support.

He firmly believes that most of our modern diseases will disappear with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Dr. Mora’s patients know that with the combination of adequately implemented lifestyle habits and strategically chosen aesthetic treatments, they will look and feel great regardless of age.

During his free time, he enjoys cooking with his wife, hanging out with friends, and tailgating for Rice University football games.

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