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Getting older and looking older don’t have to go hand-in-hand. Restoring lost volume and rejuvenating the plumpness of your skin is entirely possible with the help of incredible dermal fillers. At Core Primary Care in Houston Texas, the team of experts happily provides several types of dermal filler options to address just about every aspect of collagen loss. They believe that everyone deserves to look as good as they want. Call our Houston office to schedule a visit or book an appointment online, which is fast and easy.

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What are fillers?

Fillers, or dermal fillers, are popular cosmetic injectables that introduce healthy-looking volume under your skin. Your skin loses plumpness as you age, which is one of several reasons why it wrinkles. Fillers can combat this volume loss for months or even years at a time. 

Many dermal fillers contain hydrating natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which has a gel-like consistency that sits nicely under your skin. Others have chemical components that boost natural collagen production in your skin, producing a natural-looking and long-lasting final result. 

The team at Core Primary Care invites you in for a consultation to discuss your filler options and plan your treatment. 

What are the results of dermal fillers?

Fillers can offer an assortment of potential results, and you don’t have to limit yourself by targeting just one area of skin. While the face is the most popular area to treat, you can also use fillers to boost volume in the backs of your hands so they don’t look as bony or aged. 

A few features that fillers can treat are:

Many people feel insecure about changing facial features as they don’t align with how they see themselves. If dermal fillers can’t help you meet your goals, Core Primary Care also offers Botox® for fine lines and laser services for a variety of other cosmetic skin features. 

How long do fillers last?

The duration of your filler results varies based on the type of filler you get. Hyaluronic acid fillers offer stunning results for up to 12 months, but fillers that stimulate collagen growth offer results for two years or longer since those results appear because of your own collagen. 

In any case, if you feel like your fillers don’t last long enough to satisfy your goals, you can schedule follow-up injection visits at Core Primary Care to re-up your results as they fade. You  can get dermal fillers repeatedly to continue enjoying fewer wrinkles, plumper lips, or revitalized skin. 

Call Core Primary Care or book a cosmetic treatment consultation online to review your dermal filler options today.

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