About Avery Schwartz, RD, PA-C

Physician Assistant in Houston

Avery Schwartz, RD, PA-C

Avery Schwartz, RD, PA-C, is a devoted Physician Assistant at Core Primary Care. The practice has two offices and Avery provides personalized care to all patients from the Houston, Texas, office.

Avery is a native of Austin, Texas. Growing up, she enjoyed hanging out at health food stores and experimenting in the kitchen. What began as a hobby developed into a lifelong passion for health, wellness, and medical aesthetics.

In 2015, Avery completed a master of science in nutrition and a dietetic internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). While working as a registered dietitian (RD), she specialized in clinical nutrition and chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Her experience working with patients as a dietitian and her desire to bridge the gap between lifestyle changes and medical interventions inspired her to become a physician assistant (PA).

Leveraging her nutritional expertise with medical training, she provides comprehensive patient care that improves long-term health outcomes.

She is also an expert in giving whole body advice, which will benefit your skin, so she can get the best holistic results for anyone she treats for medical aesthetic treatments.

You can still find her experimenting in the kitchen in her free time. She also enjoys doing yoga and spending quality time with family and friends.

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