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You can trust the Core Primary Care team any time you need a complete physical exam, whether it’s for your own peace of mind or for school or work. At offices in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, the Core Primary Care team welcomes you in for detailed annual physicals, sports physicals, school physicals, or Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. Call Core Primary Care or book your next visit online today.

What happens during physicals?

Physical exams are a core offering of any primary care practice and can benefit people of any age. These visits are complete with a full review of your health, including a variety of tests for individual body parts, systems, and functions.

Core Primary Care offers several different types of physicals that can vary based on the reason for them. Physicals also change based on your age and individual needs. 

You can expect:

While physical exams are certainly easier and more comprehensive in person, you can also get a very basic exam with telehealth. Telemedicine allows you to log in for a remote visit with your primary care provider. 

Which type of physical do I need?

Core Primary Care offers basic physical exams alongside several specialty physicals, including:

Annual physicals

Many primary care physicians recommend getting an annual physical once a year so they can track and manage your health.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

DOT employees must get physical examinations at least once every two years to hold a commercial driver’s license. These exams show that you’re physically and mentally capable of performing your job duties while keeping yourself, passengers, and the public safe. 

School physicals

Most schools require students to arrange a school physical before enrollment for a health and wellness review before the new year. 

Sports physicals

Sports physicals show that you or your child is physically capable of safely participating in a new workout or sports program. 

Your provider gives you the necessary paperwork after your physical to show your results and recommendations. 

What are the benefits of getting physicals?

Physical exams benefit you in multiple ways. When you get routine physicals from your primary care provider, you enjoy:

If you’re getting a physical for work, school, or sports, the team at Core Primary Care gives you documentation of your results so you can bring them to the organization making the request.

Call Core Primary Care or book an appointment online for your next physical exam today.

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