Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health services offered in Houston and Sugar Land, TX

Your past experiences, genetics, and environment can all impact how you think, feel, and behave. If you notice any changes, the team of experts at Core Primary Care in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, offers individualized mental health assessments and treatment to reduce your symptoms. Call Core Primary Care or book an appointment online for supportive mental health care today.

What are common mental health conditions?

Many people live with conditions that originate in their minds and can lead to mood changes, trouble concentrating, and a wide range of other symptoms. Even if you don’t notice anything amiss about your own mental health, a loved one might pick up on the changes first. 

Core Primary Care offers individualized management for common mental health diagnoses, including:

Keep in mind that mental health conditions commonly co-occur and you might need treatment for multiple conditions simultaneously. The team at Core Primary Care can also make referrals and coordinate your care with other specialists. 

How can I tell if my mental health is declining?

A variety of symptoms can indicate that your mental health is changing and that you might need professional mental health care. Any time you notice a change in how you feel or behave, you should pay close attention to see if anything else changes, too. 

Some common signs of mental health changes are:

While just one of these might not indicate anything, multiple changes that last for more than a week are worth reporting to the Core Primary Care team. They can give you a mental health assessment to identify any disorders that may require treatment. 

How can I work on improving my mental health?

The team at Core Primary Care strives to give you the best possible outcome for your mental health. Managing your symptoms may or may not involve clinical care, including pharmaceutical medications. Options like mood stabilizers and antidepressants can regulate your brain function to reduce symptoms and are most effective when taken alongside some form of counseling or psychotherapy. 

In addition to clinical mental health treatments, the Core Primary Care team can offer suggestions of ways to adjust your lifestyle to be more accommodating to your mental health. They might recommend stress management strategies, avoiding substance use, getting consistent sleep, or other personalized recommendations. 

Call Core Primary Care or schedule an appointment online for mental health evaluations and treatment today.

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