Physical Rehabilitation


Do you suffer from aches and pains?

Most chronic, or even acute, aches and pain come from either weakness or tightness in a particular muscle group. To fix that, our rehab program focuses on mobility, strengthening, lengthening, and improvement of joint and muscle function. We don’t want to only rest and offload to relieve pain, but work with you to reduce imbalances and improve your strength to lower the chance of having the pain return again in the future!

This typically involves an initial in depth assessment, followed up by 30-40 minute 1 on 1 sessions with our Kinesiotherapists 1-2X per week. Each session will have an evaluation from the therapist and medical provider to track safety and progress.

Our sessions are always personalized to your specific condition and may include assisted mobility, assisted lengthening, strengthening, cupping, neuromuscular training, and or manual or gun massage for improved flexibility, mobility, and strength of specific muscle groups or trigger points.

Can we fix everything?

We do our best in exhausting all options to get you back to health, but unfortunately, there are some conditions which will not improve with rehab. The initial assessment with our providers will screen you to see if a referral to Pain Management or an Orthopedic surgeon is more appropriate for you. We are happy to help with the process of referral as well.

Schedule an appointment today to see if rehab is right for you!