High Blood Sugar/Diabetes

With over half of all Americans living either with diabetes, or at high risk of developing it. This is one of the biggest problems for our healthcare system. How do we fix it?

Diabetes is a disorder in how your body processes carbohydrates (ie sugar). It unfortunately does not cause any symptoms until the disease has already been around for many years! And if left untreated, it leads to blindness, amputations, kidney disease, heart disease and ultimately death.

So how do we treat it?

The traditional way of managing diabetes is by prescribing medications to lower your blood sugar so it stops causing damage. This is effective in the short term. Unfortunately, those medications can lead to more side effects which are tough for many patients.

At our clinic, we prefer using medications as a bridge to longer term therapy. Most of the time, changes in lifestyle such as better nutrition and exercise are more powerful than any medicine we can prescribe. With a little work, we think all of our patients have a chance in reducing their medication burden, or eliminating it altogether.

If you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, schedule an appointment today and start on your journey back to health.