High Blood Pressure

Could you have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is one of the most common medical conditions we encounter and oftentimes is elevated for many years without the patient ever knowing it was high. It unfortunately does not cause any symptoms! Worse yet, if left unaddressed, uncontrolled high blood pressure ultimately leads to stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and an early death.

But you can prevent that!

Our providers take high blood pressure very seriously and can easily start or continue any medications required to keep it controlled. We don’t just stop there though…. We take the next steps to find out WHY your blood pressure is high and try to address the root cause as well.

Could you be suffering from too much stress? Is your nutrition not right for your body? Having trouble sleeping leading to that high blood pressure?

We do our best to find the REASON why the blood pressure is elevated, and then treat that underlying cause instead of just prescribing medicine for the blood pressure itself. Our goal is to get you healthy again so you DON’T NEED medications to keep your blood pressure well controlled. 

Find out more about your risk of high blood pressure and get it checked today by scheduling an appointment.