Low Cost Virtual Visits!

We have been made aware of a trend of people in our community that require maintenance medical care, or have acute illnesses, but have been avoiding getting care because (understandably) they do not want the risk of exposing themselves to Coronavirus while going to a doctor’s office.

Even worse, many physician practices themselves have closed as well leaving their patients without access.

In light of this, our practice has implemented low cost virtual visits (like video FaceTime or Skype calls) to anyone who is in need of medical care without the need for them to leave their home and risking themselves to an infection. We are reducing the cost from the usual $150 for a new patient visit, to just $75 for anyone without health insurance or with a high deductible plan. For those of you with Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance, the cost of the virtual visits are the same as your usual primary care visit copay.

Please feel free to share this with anyone in your community who you know may be in need. We are here to help out anyone during this crisis.