Blue Light and Sleep


Having trouble falling asleep? You may be blocking your brain’s ability to fall asleep by stimulating it with the wrong kind of light before bed! For example, your TV and smartphone emit wavelengths of light that are strong in the blue spectrum. Blue light has the powerful ability to signal to your brain that it is daytime. This is fine during the day, but stimulating your brain at night with too much blue light has been shown to delay the onset of sleep.

Ideally, turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before bed will help you fall asleep easier. The next best solution would be to wear some glasses that block out the blue spectrum of light! There are many different brands of “blue-blocking” glasses on the market, but something that is cheap and has an amber tint will do the job perfectly. I (Nezar) personally use ‘DEWALT DW01714 Laser Enhancement Glasses, Red’. They aren’t marketed as “blue-blocking” glasses, but they do the job very well for an affordable price. We do not endorse this product or receive any compensation for this recommendation, but you can purchase these glasses on Amazon.

To read more about light and circadian rhythms, check out this article on PubMed.